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Why England is the best holiday destination on Earth

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Tacky, classy, pebbly, sandy, rainy, sunny. The allure of a jolly holiday in England is hard to explain in simple terms.

Because yes, you are right. England may not have the climate of the Med. Fine, you won’t be decoding exotic dishes on finely laminated menus. But for a small country (the same size as Alabama), England really does have a lot going for it. Tens of thousands of miles of coast, no less, a long history that reads like a George R. R Martin novel, 19 Unesco World Heritage Sites and a palette that is maturing by the minute. 

The secret’s very much out, of course. England attracts tens of millions of visitors from around the world each year, and nobody enjoys a holiday in England quite like the English. So today, on St George’s Day we are posing the question: what is it that makes an English holiday so special? 

We have asked three people who have enjoyed more than their fair share of English holidays – Nigel Farage, Mica Paris and Gyles Brandreth – who each share their cherished memories of holidays on home soil. Leave a comment at the bottom of the article to share your own opinions on what makes England such a wonderful holiday destination.

‘I’ll be up at five, head out to sea, have a few pints at the pub, then an early night’

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