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Thursday, June 13, 2024

The great Brexit betrayal has begun. But I know the British people won’t let it happen

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Ukip leader Nigel Farage announces he is resigning as party leader during a speech at The Emmanuel Centre in London.
If the establishment want to continue down this route it had better ready for the colossal electoral consequences CREDIT: STEFAN ROUSSEAU /PA

So it appears a great betrayal is under way. Today’s court ruling means that MPs, the overwhelming majority of whom campaigned for the UK to stay in the EU and want us to remain as attached as possible, will now have a vote on the Article 50 process. The power of the Prime Minister to act on the mandate given by 17.4 million voters has been snatched away. Not at the ballot box, but in the courts. There is now huge anger from those who went out on June 23 and voted to change our political system. They feel that their views are being totally ignored and their verdict thwarted by a rich elite who took the case to court, where unelected judges have struck a blow against Brexit. 

The problem now is that until the Government’s appeal has been taken to the Supreme Court, Article 50 cannot be triggered. Thereafter it is likely that establishment MPs will do everything they can in Parliament first to delay the triggering of Article 50 and then to block proper Brexit altogether. 

As we saw in Parliament a few weeks ago, the likes of Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband are desperate to keep the UK locked inside the hopeless single market. Never mind that everyone from David Cameron to George Osborne on the Remain side and myself to Michael Gove on the Brexit side said Leave meant out of the single market. The establishment now wants to ignore the will of the people and today’s ruling massively boosts their chances of doing just that. 

Theresa May leaving Downing Street

The best thing Theresa May could do now would be to call a General Election, but it is unlikely that Labour MPs, led by a man they don’t believe in, would be keen on facing the likely electoral oblivion that would follow. It also seems likely that some on the Prime Minister’s own backbenches, who are seeking to overrule the will of the British people, would be unlikely to support an early general election either. 

So we are faced with a real problem and increasing frustration out there in the country from a public who want to see the Government getting on with implementing the referendum verdict rather than the establishment watering down Brexit bit by bit. The British people voted to leave the single market, for full border controls and to take back control of things such as our territorial fishing waters. They want and expect to see all of this delivered. 

If the establishment want to continue on down this route however and fight against the result of the referendum, then they better be ready for the colossal electoral consequences that will follow. As I said, a strong Ukip is required to ensure a full Brexit is delivered. The establishment, in denial after the referendum result, still just don’t get it. The British people are not simply going to let this incredible establishment arrogance lie. I suspect even more radical political change is on the way.

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