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Respond to Coronavirus With More Nationalism | Opinion

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The coronavirus pandemic, like the worldwide economic crash of 2008, is being shamelessly used to push forward the globalist agenda . “We are one people,” the globalists boldly proclaim, as they call for an overarching “one world” government to lead us to salvation.

The likes of Tony Blair and other high-minded, holier-than-though types see the coronavirus pandemic as the springboard they needed to launch the final phase of their elitist, establishment-driven plan that would allow unelected, unaccountable, under-qualified puppets to dictate people’s lives.

Make no mistake—we are well and truly in the midst of the great political battle of our time: globalism versus nationalism.

Well, I have news for the Blairs of this world—nationalism is winning, and that is no bad thing. Democratically elected governments who directly represent their national citizens and who work together in close co-operation on the world stage will always be able to achieve more than their globalist counterparts.

Look no further than the World Health Organization and its pathetic, deadly subservience to the tyrannical Chinese government. I mentioned “puppets” earlier—well, WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom would not look out of place in an episode of Thunderbirds. Adhanom pedaled China’s lies at the nucleus of the coronavirus pandemic. He played down the scale of what is already one of the greatest human disasters the world has ever faced. He praised China’s handling of the pandemic, ignoring the communist regime’s farcical lies and abominable human rights abuses.

Adhanom even had the temerity to praise China’s ‘transparency,” despite not being granted access to the epicenter of the coronavirus crisis until late January—by which time the virus has taken hold. In doing so, he provided the Chinese government with a veil of legitimacy.

You may ask: Why? Why would the director general of this globalist health body do this? Well, Adhanom is Ethiopian, and Ethiopia’s economy has been propped up by China. In fact, Beijing has shelled out hundreds of millions of dollars for huge development projects in the African nation, such as the sparkling new $160 million national sports stadium in Ethiopia’s capital. China is also Ethiopia’s largest trading partner—but, of course, we are not really supposed to know about all this stuff.

Mega-globalist Bill Gates, himself a donor to the WHO, put it best when he said the WHO is the only platform where a global pandemic can be debated, understood and where evidence and information can be shared. Indeed, and that is the problem!

This is a globalist organization run by a chap who has never been democratically elected, is allowed to self-investigate when embarrassing revelations arise and is focused on protecting or hiding its vested financial interests—as opposed to doing what is best for the people it claims to represent.

That, at its core, is globalism.

And now just look at the European Union’s response to coronavirus: shambolic, divisive and deadly. The president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, has fumbled her way through this entire crisis. She has highlighted the monumental shortcomings of her crumbling institution in a way that even I could only have dreamt of.

For all their grand talk of “More Europe,” the reality is this supra-national beast is simply eating itself alive. Germany and France prevent exports of vital protective equipment to Italy and Spain. Tens of thousands have died and, unfortunately, tens of thousands more may also perish. And what is the only response the EU can muster? Stella Kyriakides, the European Union health commissioner, issues platitudes like: “Solidarity is key.” Go and ask Italian doctors and nurses about how much good “EU solidarity” has done for them in recent months. I suspect you would get a very curt response.

According to the most recent polling data published on the EU’s official website, 50 percent of European citizens “feel things aren’t going in the right direction with the EU.” In fact, only 5 percent of people could actually name the date that EU elections were scheduled to take place.

The EU is not a functioning democracy that best serves individuals or their nation-states. It will never command true authority over nation-states. In fact, the only people it truly serves is the billionaire class. There are numerous reports of Goldman Sachs executives suggesting changes to EU policy and former European Commission President José Manuel Barroso and his team actually listening to them—behind closed doors, of course.

Is this what people want? Unelected globalists shaping the public’s lives based on secret recommendations from the big banks? Surely not.

And then there’s the other big jewel in the globalist crown—the United Nations. An organization that has proven itself time and again to be less than useless in the face of a crisis—just ask the people of Rwanda or the families of the thousands of Muslim men and boys who were slaughtered in the UN-declared “safe zone’ in Srebrenica.

These global bodies are slow, indecisive vanity projects that are unable to act in the best interests of individual nations and their citizens when those nations and citizens need them most.

To be sure, I am not against international cooperation. Far from it. Cooperation on several key issues is absolutely vital.

European Union flags

Every nation has a shared interest in overcoming the scourge of terrorist groups like the Islamic State. But why should intelligence sharing between nations be contingent on them all being part of the same international economic club? NATO, for example, has worked very successfully for decades and is a prime example of nation-states coming together to fight and destroy mutual threats. Independent countries can agree to cooperate on this front without the need for an overarching global organization—for example, by taking responsibility for securing their borders. Similarly, on deforestation: Why can there not be a NATO-style group that joins forces to tackle this issue with a bespoke, novel, apolitical approach? We should trust countries to voluntarily work together for mutual gain.

The same applies when tackling plastics in the ocean or deciding best practice when it comes to defeating coronavirus.

On these issues, democratic nation-states working together will achieve far more than will secretive, unaccountable global bodies. Why? Because those who are elected have accountability. They have a master and that master is the people they represent. They have the mandate—and, indeed, desire—to act in the best interests of their people while coming together to present a united front in the face of shared problems. NATO is a shining example.

The priority now has to be preventing China from taking over the world—and that is why President Donald Trump’s reelection is absolutely vital.

The Chinese government’s tentacles are wrapped around every global institution, but they are severed in the face of a strong, powerful, nationalistic American president who will not stand idly by and allow Beijing to run amok. This is a very real example of how the nation-state can act as the great protector in a way that “one world’ government simply cannot. That state then provides an axis to which other proud nation-states can ally themselves, protecting their collective mutual interests and, in turn, the freedoms and liberties of their citizens.

It is time for a fresh start. Our current globalist institutions are self-serving. I ask you this: Do you want your lives run by people you don’t know, and whom you didn’t elect, making decisions in meetings you will never be privy to for reasons that may never be entirely clear? Because that is globalism. And globalism is not the answer.

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