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Remainers cannot stop a mass movement with a milkshake – the Brexit Party will change politics for good

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A rosette on the jacket of The Brexit Party leader   CREDIT:  PA

The debate between me and Vince Cable will be the only debate between party leaders in these European elections.  It’s the Brexit Party, the one party that is serious about delivering Brexit and upholding democracy, versus the Liberal Democrats, the Remainer party that stands openly for overturning the referendum result and brazenly insults 17.4m Leave voters with their slogan.

This will mark a fitting end to an election where Brexit is the big issue on the ballot paper. It also confirms that this campaign is about much more than the EU.

It is about the kind of country we want, and whether we really live in a democracy. The Brexit Party is on the verge of making history.

We are on course to win a national election within six weeks of the party being launched. That has never been done before in British political history. In the process we have signed up more than 100,000 paying supporters.

We have been able to take the UK by storm because there is a huge public appetite for our message about changing politics for good. Millions of people have had enough of a two-party system that serves only itself.

Westminster MPs from both the Tory and Labour parties have broken all their promises and blocked the Brexit that we voted for almost three years ago.

Now Theresa May says she will offer them a free vote on a rigged second referendum designed to reverse the real people’s vote that we won in 2016.

The stakes are now clear. Democracy is on the line. It’s the people against the political class, us against them.

That brings us to my opponent in the debate. The Lib Dems can at least claim to be the honest Remainer party in a parliament full of two-faced charlatans. But they are badly misnamed.

Liberal? They are intolerant of anybody who dares to disagree with their we-know-best outlook. Democrats? They want to trash the biggest democratic mandate in British political history. Never mind that the Lib Dems have only 11 elected MPs.

They have an extraordinary 96 unelected members of the House of Lords to do their anti-democratic dirty work! Democracy requires the consent of the losers to respect the result. You don’t get to cherry-pick which bits of the democratic process you accept or reject.

When the Lib Dems election campaign uses such vulgar language, they are really saying it to democracy and all those who sail in her.  Sir Vince might feel uncomfortable repeating the naughty word in a media. The rest of us should feel just as uncomfortable about the message.

That sort of talk from respected figures has stoked hostility and anger in our politics. It has helped to legitimise the radicalism of militant Remainers who do not hide their contempt for the demos – the people – and imagine that they can stop the march of a mass movement with a milkshake.

Dream on.

This is end of the European election campaign, but only the start of our fight for democracy. Vote The Brexit Party to change politics for good and tell the Establishment that we won’t be ignored any more. 

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