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Nigel Farage: Scott Morrison’s lockdown-obsessed ‘fake conservatives’ deserved to lose – here’s what the Liberals need to do to win back Australians

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The lesson I visit your country with is simple – when conservative parties are conservative, they win elections. But when they stop doing that, they lose.

I’m very much looking forward to coming back to Australia.

I will be traveling Down Under in the last week of September on a speaking tour and can’t wait to return for the first time since 2018.

The pandemic led to your great nation being cut off from the rest of the world as both national and state governments put in force the most extreme Covid-19 measures seen anywhere in the Western world.

I suppose Novak Djokovic’s shocking detention was the real low point for those of us that truly believe in liberty and freedom.

On this visit to Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, I come to your nation with an important message for conservatives everywhere.

It is something I’ve learned over many, many years of being involved in political campaigns across the United Kingdom, the United States of America and Europe too.

I believe this key observation is highly relevant to Australia.

To put it simply – when Conservative Parties speak, imitate, or even begin to govern like centre-left parties, they will always lose elections.

Take the example of my country.

In 2010, after many years in the wilderness, the British Conservative Party regained power under David Cameron.

What did Cameron do with his position of power? He increased the foreign aid budget, reduced defence spending and even introduced gay marriage (despite not having a manifesto commitment to do so!).

During this period, he even went as far as saying “we must stop banging on about Europe”, which was a huge issue for Conservative members at that time.

This type of social-democratic leadership meant I was able to launch the UKIP insurgency which took millions of votes away from the government and indeed, the other main parties too.

It then ensured that the political landscape was fertile enough to win a national referendum on EU membership, despite the huge obstacles to victory.

Even with these warnings that conservatives must stick to their true values, Theresa May took over as Prime Minister and drifted miles away from the principles that the country had voted for — once again forcing me to come back and launch a second successful insurgency against the establishment.

Once this happened, the British Conservative Party finally got the message.

In 2019, Boris Johnson went to the country with a true conservative agenda and won the biggest Tory majority since Margaret Thatcher in the 1980s.

Further afield, I have seen similar examples in America.

The GOP have been completely taken over by “Country Club” Republicans. These wealthy, upper middle-class Americans are barely conservative in any way at all.

Many on the US right-wing call them RINOs… “Republicans in Name Only”.

This group of people were clearly outclassed politically twice by Obama and were set to lose again in 2016.

And then out of nowhere, this brash New York businessman came along with strong and positive messages about borders, faith, family and flag.

Against all odds, Donald Trump won the 2016 election with a message of proper conservative values. Do you begin to see a pattern here?

While the Republicans in the United States may be out of power for the moment, I have little doubt they’re going to come storming back in the upcoming mid-terms in November of this year.

I am sure Trump himself will be back in the White House come the 2024 presidential election.

As for my visit, I have no intention of coming to Australia to tell anyone what they ought to do, but I do come with an eye for what it takes to win against the establishment, and a deep affection for the nation of Australia with its great people.

My own view is that at your last election, the Liberal Party deserved to lose.

They’ve moved way too far towards the middle ground. They’ve been taken in by lockdown-mania and scare stories. They’ve become the party of big government.

Scott Morrison was a poor Prime Minister, and a period of self-reflection is now required.

One thing I have learned over these years is that the metropolitan, liberal views of those in our capital cities are not shared by the vast majority who live outside the city walls.

There is good reason for this, and a majority for good, old-fashioned common sense still remains in all of the English-speaking countries.

The lesson I visit your country with is very simple. When our conservative parties become conservative, they win elections. But when they stop being conservative, they lose.

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