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Junket Juncker strikes again! And £24k is just the tip of the iceberg

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Nigel Farage and Jean-Claude Juncker
Nigel Farage and Jean-Claude Juncker

Junket Juncker strikes again! This time caught tapping the unknowing taxpayer to pay an exorbitant flight from Brussels to Rome for £24,000.

And what about this fellow European Commission pals? Seems they spent half a million euro on junkets over a short two month period.

I know this is peanuts compared to what MEPs and EU official staff spend on junkets every month when say 70 MEPs and their attendant staff fly off to exotic destinations for questionable missions. Going to Bali to talk about tourism, Tenerife to discuss the banana trade….beside the usual five-star hotel swimming pool.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, or should I say the cherry on the cream cake when it comes to the EU casually wasting taxpayers’ money. As they say in Brussels, ‘there’s no fool like a taxpayer fool.’  

People will be shocked at some of the waste approved in the European Parliament’s Budget control committee over the years.  This shouldn’t really surprise us at this stage, as the EU’s accounts have not been fully signed off by its own official auditors for 20 years. 

Spending 4000 euro on a mountain bike, 3,500 euro for a panoramic spyglass in Italy, 411,000 euro for a dog fitness centre in Hungary which was never built.

And it get’s worse….the European Parliament splurges 12.7 million pounds each month on the Gravy Train transporting 3000 staff and MEPs from Brussels to Strasbourg for voting sessions.

This is something which the vast majority of MEPs resent and protest against but cannot halt because it in the EU treaties and as Juncker himself outrageously says, ‘There can be no democratic choice against the EU Treaties.’ And they wonder why the majority of British people given the chance last June, voted to leave the EU? 

As a type of political punishment beating to discourage other states like the Netherlands, Poland and Hungary from also charging to the exit door, the European Commissioners who have just travelled over the world at our expense, now wishes to pluck a figure out of the thin air and present it to the British Government with a straight face, as a ‘Brexit Bill.’ 

Now this Brexit Bill has absolutely no legal basis in the EU treaties whatsoever. So Juncker’s Junket Commission is trying to bluff the British taxpaying public into continuing to fund their bureaucratic life of luxury.

Let’s put aside for a second, the lack of legal basis in either UK or EU law for their make-believe ‘Brexit Bill’’. If we pretend to go along with the ruse just for a while and to think not as lawyers but as accountants, what do we find? Ok, let’s talk turkey then Jean-Claude!

The Commons Library research unit has calculated that the UK since it joined the then Common Market in 1973, has made a NET financial contribution of 184 billion pounds. How about we have this money back then?

Pro-EU think tank Bruegel has worked out that the EU has 133 billion pounds in assets of which 35.5 billion pounds in assets like buildings etc can be considered accumulated wealth. 

As the UK has been a consistent net contributor to buy and build up these accumulated assets, surely when we leave, we can have the share which we have already paid for? It’s more than silly, it’s downright criminal to talk about any supposed UK liabilities without mentioning our share of the assets. The next time EU negotiator Michel Barnier tries to present a Brexit Bill, David Davies should tell him to wear a balaclava and carry a baseball bat. 

The British people voted to leave the EU and cease making contributions to the EU budget from the time we leave. Once we leave the EU, our national contributions to the EU must cease.

To agree any exorbitant Brexit Bill in order to fund the salubrious lifestyle of European Commissioners and EU officials would be a huge betrayal of the British taxpayer and those who voted to leave the EU. This cannot be allowed to happen under any circumstances. The people voted for Brexit not betrayal and it is the responsibility of the British government to ensure that Brexit happens under acceptable terms. 

Our contributions to the wasteful EU must cease the day we exit the European Union.

The government must make clear to EU negotiators that if they persist in trying to force an exorbitant Brexit bill and other attendant conditions like continued EU mass immigration on the UK then we are not just willing but duty bound to walk away with no agreement.

If the EU is reasonable and grown up about this whole affair concerning trade on which millions of European jobs are dependent, we are willing to be very fair, but if they continue to threaten present a rip of bill on leaving we are willing to call their Brexit bill bluff.

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