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Dear Leavers, Lord Adonis doesn’t want your support, but my Brexit Party certainly does

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The author facing Andrew Adonis CREDIT: JULIAN SIMMONDS 

If there is a more arrogant and dishonest national political figure at the moment than Lord Adonis of Camden Town, I am not aware of them.   

This Labour peer and pro-EU obsessive (I do not use the term lightly) has spent the last 34 months lobbying for a second EU referendum because he doesn’t like the result of the first one. In Britain in 2019, there’s nothing unusual in that, you might think.

But Adonis is no ordinary anti-democrat. His views when it comes to the EU are so extreme that he declared last September during an LBC phone-in: “If you’re a Brexiter, I hope that you won’t vote for the Labour Party because the Labour Party is moving increasingly against Brexit.” He then added for good measure: “I’m saying if what you want is Brexit delivered, you should vote for the party that is going to deliver Brexit.”

His words were unambiguous. In effect, he told those people who normally vote for his party but who also happen to back Brexit: “You do not count and may as well not exist.”

It is hard to escape the conclusion that he thinks Brexit-supporting Labour voters are pig ignorant, such is his obvious distaste for anybody who is Eurosceptical. Whatever his motivation for his extraordinary outburst, he made it clear that he does not respect any Brexit supporters and he does not want their votes.

Or rather, he didn’t want their votes until this week when he did something even more shameful than insulting the electorate. Having been adopted as a Labour candidate in the South West region in next month’s EU elections, he published a craven statement apologising for his LBC remarks. In it, he claimed to be in favour of Brexit. “Labour has always been clear it respects the result of the referendum,” he wrote desperately. He then lauded his party’s “sensible plan” for “a close economic relationship with the EU after Brexit.”

As handbrake turns go, this one was noisy in the extreme. But it is deeply insulting in its casualness, as well. There is no way this Labour lickspittle would have humiliated himself in such a manner had he not been told to do so by the party’s high command. On that basis, I think we all know his “apology” is to be taken with a bucket of salt.

Believe it or not, however, I am actually glad that Adonis is standing in the EU elections. Quite simply, he represents everything that people in Britain have come to hate about our political system and he is, therefore, a brilliantly useful reminder of how rotten our political class has become. Adonis is, in fact, a great gift.

He is a man who has risen from obscure academia in the 1980s via journalism in the 1990s to working in key policy posts for Tony Blair and Gordon Brown in the 2000s before being handed a life peerage in 2005. Thanks to being in the House of Lords, he was elevated to the job of Transport Secretary in 2009. He achieved all of this without even bothering to stand for election. As one of Tony’s cronies, Adonis probably exerted more power and influence over the lives of decent men and women in this country than anybody shall ever know, but only because Blair and then Brown parachuted him into this privileged position. British voters – certain of whose views we now know Adonis clearly despises – never got a say. He is the product of patronage and special favours, not of democracy.

British politics for the next generation will divide into those who resisted Brexit, & those who promoted or appeased it. I will never fully trust or respect anyone who wasn’t in the resistance from the beginning.

I would argue that Adonis’s political background is one of the reasons he is so enthusiastic about the EU. He has so much in common with unelected EU bureaucrats like Jean-Claude Juncker and Michel Barnier who are so petrified at the thought of Britain leaving the EU that they have done all they can to try to keep our country in the bloc. Adonis is one of them. He walks the walk and talks the talk.

It is my belief that the contempt which Adonis and his kind feel for the people of Britain will be reflected back onto them in magnified form on May 23. But that is not enough.

The Brexit Party, which I now lead, is a positive movement. We want to achieve a political revolution in Britain via the ballot box. We know that citizens deserve better and we want to ensure that politics in the UK changes for good. That is why I would urge every voter to take part in next month’s European elections. If you want to restore faith and trust, vote for The Brexit Party.

Dishonest Lord Adonis doesn’t want your vote but The Brexit Party certainly does.

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