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Donald Trump

If you thought 2016 was a year of revolution, just wait for 2020 and angry Britain’s Brexit backlash

As this year of political revolution draws to a close, the prospects of the European Union as 2017 approaches could hardly be bleaker. There is no…

President Trump is not going to be the ogre some fear, but we need to mend fences – I can help with that

I was pleased to be able to visit New York with Arron Banks and a couple of friends. The object of the visit was to meet Donald Trump’s team and…

Britain has been foolish to scorn Donald Trump. We must now extend the hand of friendship

This is the year of the political revolution. First we had Brexit, which was the first brick that was knocked out of the establishment wall. Then…

If Donald Trump doesn’t win, a third party, like Ukip, will emerge in the US

When this seemingly endless US presidential election is finally over on Tuesday, a huge swathe of America will draw a collective sigh of relief.

The little people have had enough – not just here, but in America too

There are fewer than 30 days to go before the US presidential election. It is a campaign which mirrors many of the arguments and conflicts that we…

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