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Conservative Party

This £40bn government sellout to the EU will unite the British people in disgust

The Telegraph exclusive revealing that the Government is prepared to pay over £40billion sterling is totally and utterly unacceptable. Recent…

Inch by inch, the Conservatives are surrendering every one of their Brexit red lines

What on earth has happened to the Eurosceptics in Theresa May’s cabinet? In what can only be called the ultimate sell-out, these once…

Theresa May is now the EU’s Stepford Wife: subservient and submissive to their every whim

So there we have it. Theresa May does not believe in Brexit. In an interview with Iain Dale on LBC, she completely collapsed, proving …

The great Brexit betrayal has begun. The Tories have sold out the British people – now even Jeremy Corbyn has a tougher stance

When I heard that the government minister Lord Prior had told a meeting of tech and insurance leaders last week that they shouldn’t worry…

Useless Theresa May has put Brexit in peril. Ukip won’t be irrelevant for much longer

We won the Brexit referendum through a genuine cross-party campaign. The message was clear: Brexit is not about Left or Right, but…

Don’t be surprised if you don’t see much more of Theresa May this election – she’s a vote loser

t wasn’t meant to be like this. A snap election, the timing of which and the style of which only the Conservative Party knew, started off with…

Mrs May should drain the swamp to win the public’s trust

This first came to my intention during a by-election held in Newark, immediately after the European Elections that UKIP won in 2014.

Theresa May will waste the opportunity of Brexit if she doesn’t defend wealth creators

When the 45th President of the United States is sworn in next week, the wealthiest man ever to inhabit the Oval Office will not be shy in telling…

The Tories were meant to reform the honours system – they’ve left it in total disrepute

There is nothing new in criticism of the honours system. For all the wonderful titles, many resonant of our greatest empire days, the…

Nigel Farage: the next leader of the Conservative Party must have the courage and vision to lead us out of the European Union

The next Leader of the Conservative Party won't just be representing their party, they will be representing our country as the Prime Minister.

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