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If we want to stop Gibraltar from becoming a Brexit pawn, it needs to become part of Britain

On Wednesday in the European Parliament, we will witness the first public response to last week’s historic triggering of Article 50.

I have wanted Douglas Carswell out of Ukip since 2015

It was on these pages that I broke my public silence and asked for Douglas Carswell to leave Ukip a few weeks ago. His unsurprising resignation…

Mrs May should drain the swamp to win the public’s trust

This first came to my intention during a by-election held in Newark, immediately after the European Elections that UKIP won in 2014.

Theresa May should get on with Brexit and not let Nicola Sturgeon blow her off course

After a long and sometimes painful nine month gestation since our Brexit vote in June last year every obstacle has now been cleared and the path…

Douglas Carswell has brought constant division and is actively working against Ukip. He has to go

Whatever the original motives of Douglas Carswell, in his defection and the subsequent dramatic by-election in Clacton, the good times did not…

Every attempt by the political class to delay or dilute Brexit will only increase our anger

When he was our prime minister, David Cameron could not have been clearer about the result of a Leave vote. Indeed, the vastly expensive…

Donald Trump’s inauguration proves our revolution is in full flow – I can’t wait to see where it goes next

This has been a very exciting week to be in Washington. A presidential inauguration is simply a massive event. And what I have found truly…

Theresa May will waste the opportunity of Brexit if she doesn’t defend wealth creators

When the 45th President of the United States is sworn in next week, the wealthiest man ever to inhabit the Oval Office will not be shy in telling…

The Tories were meant to reform the honours system – they’ve left it in total disrepute

There is nothing new in criticism of the honours system. For all the wonderful titles, many resonant of our greatest empire days, the…

If you thought 2016 was a year of revolution, just wait for 2020 and angry Britain’s Brexit backlash

As this year of political revolution draws to a close, the prospects of the European Union as 2017 approaches could hardly be bleaker. There is no…

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