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Nothing could be worse than the Brexit deal struck by Mrs May, the most duplicitous prime minister in my lifetime

Events are moving rapidly in Westminster today but as MPs reflect on the terms of Theresa May’s draft Brexit deal, one thing is constant…

It’s clearer than ever that our political class are colluding in Brussels against democracy

A leaked email from the European Parliament confirms what many of us have suspected for some time: there is a palpable level of collusion…

Theresa May must reject the EU’s attempts to hold Britain back after Brexit

A few days ago staff from a relatively unknown European Parliament committee called TAX3 met with the European Commission's Brexit Task…

Chucking Chequers is not enough, it’s time the Tories chucked Mrs May

I couldn’t wait to leave the European Council meeting last night. For several hours I was forced to listen to widespread mockery being directed…

You can dance all you like, Mrs May, but there was nothing in your words to cheer a traditional conservative

When Theresa May danced on to the stage in Birmingham, part of me pitied her. It’s not just that she looked deeply uncomfortable as she…

Chuck Chequers, Theresa, and you’ll save your career, unite the country and crush Labour

Talk about a wasted opportunity. By insisting on sticking to her wildly unpopular Chequers plan, Mrs May has made the wrong decision yet…

Immigration may become a bigger issue than ever when voters realise how little change they’ll get from Theresa May

Today’s report by the Migration Advisory Committee is music to my ears. For the first time I can remember, an organisation with…

The ‘scallop wars’ show why we’re right to part company with the bully boys of Brussels

Fishing may no longer appear to be a significant industry as far as jobs or income go, but be in no doubt the British people care about it.

The time has come to teach the political class a lesson: I’m back fighting for a real Brexit

It is now beyond doubt that the political class in Westminster and many of their media allies do not accept the EU referendum result.

If only we had a proper leader like Donald Trump taking on the EU, not Theresa the appeaser

The news that the prime minister, Theresa May, is to take personal control over the Brexit negotiations and to demote newly appointed…

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