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If Theresa May buckles and delays Brexit, I will do my best to tear her party limb from limb

As the Prime Minister heads to tomorrow’s EU summit in Brussels with little prospect of achieving her desperate attempt to engineer a…

The betrayal of Brexit is one of the most shameful chapters in our country’s history

The great Brexit betrayal has begun”. I first wrote those words in a piece for the Telegraph in July 2017. How everybody laughed at the time…

May’s speech was laudable, but the question persists: is she really up to this?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Theresa May is a decent person who clearly takes her duties as a public servant seriously. But despite the…

The great Brexit betrayal is nearly complete – but Theresa May still has the chance to be a national heroine

Has there ever been a time in British history when the political and media class around Westminster has been more out of touch with ordinary…

My new Brexit party stands ready to defend democracy

It seems increasingly clear that Theresa May’s appalling Withdrawal Agreement, the worst deal in history, will not pass through the House of…

How can the BBC be fair about Brexit when it takes money from the EU? We need answers

Hours after last week’s so-called ‘Brady Amendment’ passed through the House of Commons, I addressed the EU parliament in Brussels.

British fury at the arrogant, high-handed EU could unite the country to back a WTO deal

It is a statement of fact that most of our MPs voted to remain in the EU in 2016. It is equally true that most of these Remainer MPs have not altered their position on this subject since then.

Leavers must accept that the Brexit betrayal is happening now

My new year resolution was to hope for the best but to prepare for the worst. It is the only one that I have kept in my entire adult life and I am sticking to it rigidly. This is why.

A Second Brexit Referendum May ‘Shock’ The Establishment, ‘May Be The Only Way To Get The Brexit We Truly Want’

Theresa May's government didn't just lose a crucial vote on Tuesday, it also suffered the biggest defeat by a sitting administration in British history. Her Brexit deal, which set out the terms under which Britain was supposed to leave the European Union on March 29, was rejected by a majority of 230 MPs.

We must stop Gerard Batten turning Brexit into a plaything of the far Right

The news that Gerrard Batten, Ukip’s leader, has appointed Tommy Robinson as a “personal special adviser” appals me.

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