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Biden Just Handed Afghanistan’s Mineral Wealth to China | Newsweek Opinion

The Western world is going green, no matter the cost to the consumer. At the G7 meeting in Cornwall in June, those attending agreed...

We Didn’t Free Britain From Brussels Only To Bow Before Beijing. Conservatives Must Rebel Over Huawei

On the face of it, this has been a very good week for Brexit. A remarkable speech was made by David Frost, the UK government's chief EU…

Donald Trump genuinely likes Boris Johnson, but Huawei row could damage the Special Relationship

After the thrill of giving my last ever speech in the European Parliament, and the joyous the scenes in Parliament Square on Friday night, I found myself out of a job. After 20 years as an MEP, I had finally managed to make myself redundant.

Of course Huawei is getting an easy ride. The British establishment has been bought up by China

Boris Johnson’s decision tomorrow on whether to grant the Chinese tech giant Huawei access to Britain’s new 5G system will tell us more about…

Big tech’s suppression of conservative voices is the greatest threat to free speech we face

YouTube made me. The vast reach of this video-sharing website ensured my message about the perils of the EU became mainstream and, in…

Facebook made Brexit possible – but now it is discriminating against Right-wing news sites

The value of Facebook as a political communications tool is hard to overestimate. Without it, Brexit almost certainly would not have…

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