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Wednesday, August 10, 2022



The BBC is poisoning our children’s minds with pro-immigration claptrap

Time was when the BBC concentrated its efforts on making radio and TV programmes. The internet has changed that, which…

The establishment will have seen nothing yet if it doesn’t tackle immigration

As Theresa May forms a minority government and our Brexit negotiations finally begin, one very important issue has completely…

Douglas Carswell has brought constant division and is actively working against Ukip. He has to go

Whatever the original motives of Douglas Carswell, in his defection and the subsequent dramatic by-election in Clacton, the good times did not…

Tory Brexiteers forget millions voted Leave for action, not cuddly rhetoric, on immigration

I like Boris Johnson and believe he played a crucial role in the campaign to secure Brexit in 2016. But a comment on migration and Brexit…

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