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Farage Gin is the trading name of Baxter Laois Ltd. Company registration number 09805308
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Farage Red Gin...the Perfect Christmas Drink!

With a hint of natural sweetness from our British cherries, a favourite for the Christmas Season. 1x 70cl bottle of Farage Red Gin

Farage White Gin

My classic recipe, best enjoyed with a slice of grapefruit and lots of ice. 1x 70cl bottle of Farage White Gin

Farage Blue Gin (Best Seller!) Natural Colouring

This one has become our best seller in matter of months. It calls for nothing else but ice cubes and  traditional tonic water.  With the botanical tang of gardenia flower,  dive in its deep ocean blue. 1x 70cl bottle of Farage Blue Gin

Farage Gin Stocking Filler Miniature Gift Set

This perfect Mother's Day Gift has 3x 5cl bottles 1x Farage Red Gin 1x Farage White Gin 1x Farage Blue Gin Presented in a straw lined box

Farage Gin Christmas Hamper

Luxury Traditional Willow Hamper in black with a cream faux-leather strap and an integrated cool bag to keep your Farage Gin and Tonic Water fresh. This stylish and sturdy picnic basket contains a bottle of your favourite Farage Gin or a Miniature Gift Set, two bags of Lye Cross Cheddar & Onion crisps and a box of eight cans of Tonic Water.

Special Jungle Bundle the 3 Colours for £100 SAVE £20

Special " I'm a Celebrity Get me Out of Here" Enjoy Watching Nigel in the Jungle whilst Sipping on your Favourite Gin. You will recieve one each of 70cl Red, White and Blue gin.