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Tuesday, May 24, 2022
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N Farage


The Government must support Britain’s forgotten workers – or face disastrous consequences

My local policeman dropped by last week and told me that farmers and smallholders are worried that people might soon start stealing their eggs…

The Virus is Yet Another Reason to Rethink the West’s Relationship With China

The West appears to be facing its worst crisis since 1939 because of a new global pandemic. Thousands of people have died. More, we are told…

Coronavirus has shown we are all nationalists now. Does Boris Johnson realise that?

Donald Trump’s overnight announcement banning all travel from the EU Schengen area to the United States for 30 days comes as no…

Yes, Protecting Us All From An Epidemic Should Be Prioritized Over The Economy

The first duty of any government is to protect the wellbeing of its citizens and their country. In times of crisis, the economy must always come second.

Please, Chancellor Sunak, don’t forget about the little people in your Budget

As a new chancellor who has been in the job for less than a month, Rishi Sunak faces a huge challenge in delivering this week’s Budget. This…

Conservative Unity Behind Trump is Something to Behold

Despite a recent trip to India, a big rally the night before in South Carolina and the fact he had come straight from a long press…

We Didn’t Free Britain From Brussels Only To Bow Before Beijing. Conservatives Must Rebel Over Huawei

On the face of it, this has been a very good week for Brexit. A remarkable speech was made by David Frost, the UK government's chief EU…

Taking back control of our borders must change immigration numbers for good

In 2004, eight former Communist countries joined the European Union in what remains the bloc’s largest expansion in terms of population in…

Trump Keeps Beating Everything The Democrats Throw At Him. Of Course He’ll Win 2020

It's been the most incredible week in Washington D.C., and without doubt the most successful of the Trump presidency to date. In 2016, many…

Donald Trump genuinely likes Boris Johnson, but Huawei row could damage the Special Relationship

After the thrill of giving my last ever speech in the European Parliament, and the joyous the scenes in Parliament Square on Friday night, I found myself out of a job. After 20 years as an MEP, I had finally managed to make myself redundant.

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