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Tuesday, May 24, 2022
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N Farage


Jean-Claude Juncker has made clear the EU’s anti-democratic bent. Thank goodness we’re leaving

It was the biggest and boldest speech that we have seen from a European leader since the days of Jacques Delors. As the EU…

Junket Juncker strikes again! And £24k is just the tip of the iceberg

Junket Juncker strikes again! This time caught tapping the unknowing taxpayer to pay an exorbitant flight from Brussels to Rome for £24,000…

The great Brexit betrayal has begun. The Tories have sold out the British people – now even Jeremy Corbyn has a tougher stance

When I heard that the government minister Lord Prior had told a meeting of tech and insurance leaders last week that they shouldn’t worry…

Why I’ve decided against standing to lead Ukip

Since the momentous result on June 23 last year, Ukip has been in some trouble. For a quarter of a century, we were pretty much a lone voice in…

The establishment will have seen nothing yet if it doesn’t tackle immigration

As Theresa May forms a minority government and our Brexit negotiations finally begin, one very important issue has completely…

Useless Theresa May has put Brexit in peril. Ukip won’t be irrelevant for much longer

We won the Brexit referendum through a genuine cross-party campaign. The message was clear: Brexit is not about Left or Right, but…

Don’t be surprised if you don’t see much more of Theresa May this election – she’s a vote loser

t wasn’t meant to be like this. A snap election, the timing of which and the style of which only the Conservative Party knew, started off with…

I’m supporting Marine Le Pen, and if she fails this year, she will win in 2022

For 18 years, I have sat in the European Parliament and looked on in wonderment at Jean-Marie Le Pen’s regular lunchtime table. Politics…

Why I’m not standing in the 2017 election: I’m staying in Europe to fight on for Brexit

I would never have entered the world of politics if it had not been for the European question. For years, leaving the EU was seen as a joke, fringe…

If we want to stop Gibraltar from becoming a Brexit pawn, it needs to become part of Britain

On Wednesday in the European Parliament, we will witness the first public response to last week’s historic triggering of Article 50.

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