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Armed migrants? This Tory Government making Britain unsafe place to live NIGEL FARAGE

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For over two years I’ve tried to alert the country to the growing problem of illegal crossings of the English Channel.

But never at any point in time, despite my predictions of huge numbers of people and my worries that many of those who came would either finish up in criminality or modern-day slavery, did I think things would ever be as bad as this.

A new report by David Neil, Chief Inspector of Borders, makes for very grim reading indeed. He explains carefully, and in a detailed way, not only that many of those who come have with them guns, knives, or other weapons, but, even more alarmingly, that large numbers have simply absconded into our communities without any basic biometric records being taken. 

The first is that this report by Mr. Neil was produced in February and subsequently presented to the Home Office.

Not only did the Home Secretary Priti Patel refuse to meet to discuss it, but her department deliberately delayed the publication of this report until the very last day before Parliament breaks up for summer recess. 

This is an absolute disgrace.

I am astonished we are not hearing calls for the Home Secretary to resign immediately. Indeed, not many years ago, an accident as serious as this with a threat to national security on this level would have threatened the very existence of a government. 

But it is with incredulity that I notice a huge absence of this story in some Conservative-supporting newspapers, many of whom would have had this running as a huge front-page story – even at the time of a Conservative leadership election. 

Some are choosing not to mention this crisis in any way at all… no doubt after pleadings from the Conservative Party. 

This is not the job of a free press, who should be alerting the country to the dangers it faces and urging politicians to take the right measures

Over the weekend, the leadership candidates have finally begun to discuss the elephant in the room and broach the subject of illegal immigration and small boats. 

And whilst it was very flattering of Rishi Sunak to include footage of me in his campaign video, all of his pledges to stop illegal immigration amount to nothing. I simply don’t believe a word of it. 

Only Suella Braverman had the courage to stand up and say that unless we leave the ECHR, we will not be able to get control back of the English Channel. 
The situation in the report is different. For once we cannot blame the French Navy. 

We cannot blame President Macron. We cannot blame the European Commission; we cannot even blame the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. 

This is down to us. This is sheer dangerous ineptitude by the British government.

This Conservative government is now making this country a less safe place in which to live.

Whilst it is important to have a genuine debate about the size of the national debt and taxation, a Conservative government that cannot stand up for the security of the country nor safety of its people, does not deserve to get our vote at the next general election.

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